Ranger power

By Don P.

Ranger pickups are the trucks of the future . Their size dictates that,now all it needs is some modernization! Turbo 4cly diesel ,smoother heavier suspension, 4 full size doors and a deeper bed! This will be my next truck! America needs this the gas prices call for this . It only makes sense the best "little" truck out there. Most people know it the same truck since 1983 under the body.please give the ranger the attention it deserves!!!!
Ehh...they need help from the consumers. we need to let them know what we want in our Ranger. Marketing has improved greatly for Ford since savvy customers have contributed to past financial failures. I doubt they would get snubbed on a third ranger revamp. It needs to be more drastic...and include better features in the interior.
Robert Todd 02/04/2012
I agree with Anthony. Ford has an easly detected pattern which indicates when they are tired of making a sucessful product. ignore it long enough and then the accountants can justify ending it. Read Mercury, E series, Ranger, Crown Vic, maybe Mustang and Lincoln.
Curtis Houck 02/02/2012
I want an economical manual shift compact truck to drive to and from work and hauls loads of this and that on the weekend. The F-150 MSRP prices me out of the brand unless they come up with something reasonably soon.
Anthony Spencer 02/01/2012
I don't disagree with you on principal but being that Ford finally managed to do the the Ranger what they tried with the Mustang, twice, I dough you will be buying a new Ranger any time soon.