Ranger or F 100 Truck

I've noted many Ford Social contributors would like Ford to bring back the Ranger. If not, the Ranger, how about a F 100? Whatever it's called, Ford needs to strongly consider a smaller, more fuel efficient truck with a full-sized bed. And, I'd like to see an option package with some amenities like a power driver's seat with a memory option.
Brad B 11/18/2012
Hey Ford ! Looks like more have the F-100 on their Christmas wish list. I too agree a smaller truck would be an advantage. While I have a station wagon mentality I respect those who love their trucks as much as us station wagon aficionados. We're about to be a two Escape family. I agree with Ralph about the Sport Trac. I'd seriously consider a F-100 four door, especially one with a hard cover on the back like the Sport Trac. But, and there always is one fuel economy must be a factor involved with the buying decision. Most to include myself have grown accustomed to 30 mpg being the industry standard to achieve. This lead to another Escape (1.6 ecoboost model) in our stable. Maybe a slightly smaller Sport Trac would be the logical progression. I've seen the Euro-Ranger and the looks and fuel economy is there. As a past John-Deere sales rep I know it takes awhile to bring in new product to the marketplace. But, (there it is again) to quote Lee Iacocca when you try and make the safe fool proof decision *BANG* the market changed and you lost precious time and sales making the safe decision. You have product now that can make a difference laying in the European Stable, Grand C-Max, Euro-Ranger, Mondeao/Focus Estate Wagons, the Transit Cab w/pickup flatbed option. These are ready right now. I can tell you the Transit Cab model would very quickly become a best seller, especially in the farming community, landscape contractor community, and industrial community. Why? They already are with the smallest Mitsubishi/Fuso flatbed models. I'll always bet on Ford. The above mentioned models are all *Aces. Don't worry about them not selling, worry about not having enough to sell. I know you look at focus groups, listen to the writers here. Focus groups are just that, Focus Groups. They won't even look at a station wagon or mini-van for instance. They are the losers, afraid to try a wagon less they be looked down on from the SUV Soccer Moms/Dads in the sub-division. But guess what a SUV is .... a jacked up, four wheel drive, low mpg, station wagon. There I said/wrote it. Lee Iacocca I feel would say to always remember what brought you to your present state, look at the best, and run with them. The F-100/Mini-Van/Station Wagon market is a constant, it always will sell, always will perform up to customer expectations and deliver real value. Personally I'd love to own a Grand C-Max, unlike alot of the other Ford Social family I had the privilege of having a rental GCM while in France. Absolutely a splendid vehicle that did everything well. Now, if you're gonna bring them out please, please let me know. Why? I'd wait until the Fall of 2013 for one. The remodeled Transit Connect will sell. And will be successful, but having also driven them (rentals) I do compare to the Grand C-Max as the benchmark. The GCM always wins my favor. The reason I like the new Escape drives and handles like a Grand C-Max.
Mandy E 09/28/2012
I'd be in line to get a Ranger or F-100 if they come back! Been looking for a used one and it TAKES FOREVER to find one, then its gone right out from under my nose! I'd definitely buy new. Love my Raptor, but need a more fuel efficient truck to go along with it. Ranger = weekdays Raptor = weekends. That's my dream at least! Until then, 10mpg all week long!
Nick O 09/10/2012
Hey Ford More than 1 person is talking smaller.
Ralph 08/30/2012
I currently drive a 2002 Explorer Sport Trac. Which sadly was discontinued... I don't want or need a full size pick up to run my kids back and fourth to hockey practice and weekend runs to Costco. I really want to see the world platform Ranger brought to the USA complete with the eco boost 4 cldr. and an option for a plug in electric/hybrid like the forthcoming C-Max Energi. Come on Ford you have all the pieces in play put this together and make me and millions of others very happy. I want to be able to do my short little daily commute on electric only. have AWD availible for when it snows. have the option to have a gas motor come on to charge the batteries for extended trips. seat 5, and still have the pick up bed to put the camping gear in.
Ralph D,
Chelmsford MA USA!
Ed G 08/28/2012
Have you seen the Rangers in Austraila? They are awesome.