Ranger diesel

I'm driving a VW Jetta TDI (1.9 L diesel). It's a great car, easy to start, plenty of power and consistently gets 48-52 MPG. I'm a believer in diesel autos! I plan on buying a pickup in the future. I read an article which said that the Ranger was kind of "out of style and needs to be replaced." I'm sure you folks are working on that. How about building a nice little pickup with a small (4 cyl.) diesel in it? It would provide a practical transportation and still be a pickup. i know I'd sure buy one! Thanks for listening to ideas.
david 10/30/2010
I have been driving a 1983 vw rabbit pickup with a tdi engine(that I put in it), now for several years. The truck has consistently delivered over 50 mpg, unfortunately it is close to 30 years old and takes lots of body work to keep on the road. I have always been a ford fan and would really like to have a diesel ranger option, particularly one built with fuel economy in mind.