Ranger- Back to Basics with NO Junk like tire pressure monitor and the 17K price!

Back in the old days of 2005 when the Ranger had two air bags, ABS and cost 11,000.00 it was a practical truck, I have owned ranger for 20+ years in the recent five years watched the model become a "YuppyTruck" with all the Foo Foo stuff it doesn't need. the extras drive the price up and cause me to look somewhere else for my next truck. Sometimes you have to leave it simple for the people and professionals that want a reliable truck and Not a Toyota, I was shocked when I went in to my dealer and saw the $17,000 price tag for things that had Not been updated, I did not see the extra $5,000 of stuff to claim and justify the increase.

Just extras and not things that are important- like an Ultra Low Emission certification that would make the Cleanest Small truck on the planet- Beating the pants off ANY Toyota product!

Ford already makes a clean engine for the focus- put it in the Ranger!
chris 07/14/2010
Totally good for me! keep the price around 11K and keep it simple, 2.3L 5 speed with good MPG. Unfortunately my 2005 gets 21 and at 50K miles is not getting better, I would love to see a 4 cyl Diesel offered. We need to bring more eco-minded European models over here BUT some of them look awful.

Remember SIMPLE and CLEAN like the current Ranger. But if someone wants a tricked-out one then They can pay 20K to get it, they wont get good MPG's in it.
Juston 06/05/2010
My favorite truck I have owned yet was my 1996 single cab, Ranger Splash, step side with the 4.0V6. I would die to have that same truck, but with an Eco Boost 2.3, and a 6 speed. I personally like the creature comforts, like NAV, and Sync, and am willing to pay for them. But I also think that Ranger with A/C, 2x4, 2.3L, cruize control, and power windows doors should only run about $13,500. Especially if they keep the same body style, just improve the engine and transmission and up grade to four wheel disk brakes and you got a new truck all together. Add eco boost for $2,000 more and you got one heck of a truck for $15,500 doing almost 40mpg on highway and over 30 in the city.
DCAshmore 05/27/2010
Mandated safety equipment is not junk. If people actually took care of their vehicles like you imagine they are supposed to, then it won't be a problem. TPMS is mandated because, like seat belts, and EPS, it is deemed of actual benefit to the driver and others on the road.

At this time, Buyers are extremely picky and will harshly deride any vehicle and the company making said vehicle for NOT having the equipment they think it is supposed to have, espeically safety equipment.

Emissions control are mandated by government already. Trying to propose a single minded focus on emissions while omitting existing and mandated safety equipment is irresponsible and self-serving.

Now an all-new Ranger truck after 20 years is a much better idea.
chris 05/25/2010
Yep! The TPMS is a piece of Crap that we are stuck with on this vehicle, perhaps the government should pay attention to more important things like Emissions! FORD could have the Cleanest fleet of cars Surpassing Toyota if it took the ULE system and put it on all the vehicles they manufacture, Then FORD could brag we keep it simple and easy on the environment too!

Imagine stopping next to a Toyota and thinking that you could run Ten FORDS and still pollute LESS!
Peter 05/25/2010
The Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a governmental safety requirement. Big bro thinks they know better than you, however, I've discovered while working a lube shop, the system benefits the people who do not pay attention to something as important as tire pressure. I agree it's not a necessity and the gov't should stop enacting mandates such as the TPMS.