I have been looking at all the new retro looking vehicles coming out and I realized several weeks ago that Chevy has the Camaro, Dodge has the PT Cruiser, Challenger and the Charger (sort of) and Ford has the Mustang. One thing I thought of is "why doesn't Ford bring back the Ranchero?" I mean, many people love the smaller profile and gas mileage of a car over a truck due to the fact that many people feel that trucks are too gawdy, "gas hogs" and not as maneuverable as a car would be . SUV's are smaller but they come with a restriction to the height of items to be transported such as situations involving moving residence or bringing back big ticket item(s) from the store. I believe this is something consumers would be interested in.
Also, the one thing I have never seen in the Ranchero line is an extra or crew cab version. Just a thought, the crew cab, if designed, could have "suicide doors".
Thank you for taking the time to consider my idea and thank you for introducing strong, dependable vehicles into the American way of life.
sean h 08/29/2012
Bring over the Ford Falcon UTE from down under, & call it the Ranchero.
Brian K 07/17/2012
Get er dun FORD!!!
Hardy B 07/10/2012
I have the best of both world, a "72 Ranchero GT (and it's for sale)
Brian K 07/06/2012
I heaer ya Allan! It's brilliant though! I work at Wally-world and I am constantly seeing the fear in peoples eyes as they are backing up the truck they had to bring to pick up the pool or whatever. If Ford would bring back the Ranchero, it would be lower profile and not so much intimidation!!!
Allan C 06/30/2012
Ford is chicken to do it. I would like to see this and a 72' GrandTorino Sport. TheRanchero was cool and fun. Keep fighting for the Ranchero. Everybody should write letters to Ford to bring it back and the retro 72' Grand Torino Sport.