quit holding back the power

As an owner of 5 Ford vehicles over the past 18 years, and as a Ford stock-holder, I feel entitled to offer a little constructive criticism. You have left the beautiful new Fusion underpowered compared with it's competitors. Why doesn't $30000+ entitle one to choose the 3.5 litre ecoboost, so he doesn't have to watch the tail lights of V6 Camrys and Accords? I don't get it.
Brad K 09/09/2013
I'd buy a Fusion Titanium in a heartbeat if it had an option for the V6 EcoBoost and the saddle-brown leather interior available in the Lincoln.
Michael S 04/05/2013
Rear wheel drive would be nice as well.
Michael S 04/05/2013
Not only should they add an ecoboost but a v8 as well like the new 5.0 coyote perhaps.
Take it to Shelby or Roush Racing and get a Ford SVT performance upgrade!