Put a manual transmission in the Taurus.

Nothing to it.  Car guys want stick shifts.  Come on Ford.  The sho had a manual when it was a real performance car.  You even built a Taurus MT5 four banger with a five speed. I have owned both.  But I like larger cars and manuals. It can be done.  I am willing to pay extra for that combination, and I would not feel like just another techno geek who is more excited about getting email in a car instead of driving it.
Lewis C 02/12/2014
I could not agree any more than I do with your statements about needing a manual transmission, especially though, in their trucks.
Felicia S 01/19/2014
Not just Car Guys ;)I would buy a manual over automatic for Taurus, same with the trucks, even if it cost more. Manual should be an option for all Ford vehicles... I know they lost quite a bit of business for the no manuals in the trucks... they would gain more people puting manuals in all vehicles.
Eric M 10/14/2013
I have already begged Ford to put a manual in the sho, nobody is listening. Auto magizines are not kind to the sho so you would think Ford would try to up the anty. The US auto manufactures just can not put a manual and awd in the same car.