Power along w good suspension to handle the power !

I know that Ford did an awesome job on the GT mustangs and especilaly the Sheby GT 500 's. Everytime they test the mule's against other competitors such as Gm makes or such , the power is there but can not handle delivering all ponies to the ground, or even at the road course track cornering as well....the whole idea is there but not finished yet. invested so much already in them add better suspension and wont be dissapointed. There are alotof aftermarket parts on the shelf , make it standard on them off the show room floor.
Michael Sakiewicz 09/18/2011
In every comparison I read between the Mustang, camaro , and challeger the Mustang Is the quickest on the drag strip and the road courses. In fact in one article the Mustang was faster on the road course than a BMW M3. I think Ford did a awesome job with the suspension, live axle and all.