Poor Fusion Sport

So, why is the Fusion Sport getting left out of the equation? The Focus ST, Tarus SHO, and Edge Sport all have better performance angines being installed, but why isn't the Fusion Sport. With Fusion being the best selling mid-size car, Ford should offer a true "Sport" version, not just slap on different tires and fabric. We non-hybrid peeps need a performance version...say a 2.0 Twin Turbo :-D.
Dan 04/07/2011
The 2010 2011 Fusion Sport does have tuned suspension and has a 265 3.5L V-6 where the fusion SE, and SEL have a 220 3.0L V-6. I agree with the manual. But less than 5% of U.S. buyers buy a Manual Transmission on a four door sedan. (Sport or not.)
David Matthews 04/05/2011
Make a Fusion coupe with the 3.7 Ti-VCT or EcoBoost and a proper transmission like a 6 speed stick, maybe go AWD or just make it front drive with neutral handling characteristics and I am all there.
Thomas Artman 03/21/2011
Well, the Fusion is due for an update, given the Taurus, Focus and Fiesta have already seen cosmetic changes and new power plants (EcoBoost lineup). I'm sure the next Fusion will come with an EB option, either the 2.0L or the 1.6L.

Same with the Escape - it appears like it's due for an update, as well.
James Eufemia 02/13/2011
Agreed. I believe that the Fusion shouldn't be called "Sport" if there's nothing sporty about it. Ford should put the 3.7L V6 used in the Mustang and Edge Sport for the Fusion Sport and couple it with the Powershift Dual Clutch Trans or a 6 speed manual.
Bill Barry 01/27/2011
AMEN! I wish Ford to STOP calling something a "sport" model and then not offering a real manual transmission, tuned suspension, sport seats, etc. If you build it, they will buy it.