Police Car

Create a 4 door sports car that the police will love. Just design it for the Police first. If it’s good enough for law enforcement than the general public will want it too. I don’t believe the Taurus is going to cut it, I hope it does but don’t plan on it. I have yet to see one on the road but I am really starting to see a lot of Chargers. Think about this before there all driving the Dodge Chargers. Keep dominating here give it an aggressive look but don’t make a 4 door Mustang, start from scratch.
Michael C 05/26/2012
Really the solution to this is the Falcon XR8. 5.0, 6-speed auto and big brakes from the Falcon GT for the interceptor package.
Bacheus J 03/28/2012
On a different silly note, has anyone noticed the new molded side styling that starts above and behind the front wheel on the new Chargers, it’s very similar to the 2010 Focus.
That would be a great idea
because police love to drive more sporty rear wheel drive V8
Clark W 03/10/2012
A production version of the Interceptor concept would have been awesome for that.
Allan C 03/09/2012
What about a retro 64' or 65' Galaxy 500 for Police car, V8 gas or hybrid ? Than a 2 door for us, 302 Boss, 2 bigger V8,s . Or a 72' Gran Torino Sport retro 2 door for us 4 door for Police