Please offer a quality 6spd manual in all your "sport" model vehicles.

Performance cars should come with a 6spd manual transmission. I would never consider a Taurus SHO simply because it comes with a crappy automatic transmission. True enthusiasts who love performance model cars also like to shift their own gears. Only offering an automatic transmission makes the vehicle far less exciting and gives it that "grandpa's car" image.
Cheryl G 06/10/2012
How about joining forces with SVT for a high performance Taurus SHO along the lines of the Mustang performance package. Suggestions such as race inspired seating, reduced weight and a Tremec T-56 6 speed manual transmission would meet the demands of the growing market of car enthusiasts.
Erik 05/09/2012
Definitely. Would buy a SHO without hesitation if it had a manual, but wouldn't touch it with an automatic. Why in the world would I want that kind of performance if it's just a glorified golf cart?
Chris Newman 10/18/2011
Agreed for sport models and at least an option on trucks.
Eric Beaudoin 10/07/2011
Michael Masin 10/05/2011
Yes, definitely, this seems to be problem specific to America, maybe they should put Ford Australia in charge of global product planning, then everyone could have an affordable rear wheel drive manual sports sedan
Brad Krekelberg 10/01/2011
Well said. The non-ST Foci need a six-speed too.