PLEASE! manual transmissions back in your trucks!!

I have posted these a lot now. I really want the manual transmission option back in your gas and diesel trucks! And i know, dodge only offers it with their diesel trucks, but maybe Ford can offer it in both gas and diesel. Also, 4 wheel drive! Ford needs to get back into making a true worktruck! i have asked and asked ford about this, but please take it into serious consideration!
Bill B 04/15/2014
I don't have much to add - just check the comments above - I am in total agreement with them - Please bring back stick in both smaller and full size trucks - and not on the cheap models - but the loaded models - people will buy them!
Shawn P 02/01/2013
I drive a Chevrolet with a manual transmission and transfer case shifter. I hate automatics and electric transfer cases. Put manuals for both in an regular cab truck with the ecoboost engine and I would convert to Ford.
Randy E 01/27/2013
Actually GM does NOT offer a manual in their full size trucks, only in the work truck regular cab Colorado and Canyon. Dodge only offers it with the diesel. I hate driving automatics! I agree with Chris V, if you can't drive a manual you shouldn't be on the road. My ideal Ford would be a Expedition EL with a smaller diesel engine, six speed manual, 2wd., cloth seats- with benches in all three rows, heat, A/C, AM/FM/CD stereo, manual windows, manual door locks, cargo doors instead of a lift gate.
William M 01/10/2013 needs to bring back a true working truck, it can still be nice and even fancy. I want a king ranch with a manual. I need and want the truck to perform for me on demand, how I want it perform. The auto can only re-act, with a manual I can act first before the auto can. Its more enjoyable to feel the truck work thru the gears. Will not buy another ford until then. Trading wife's explorer next year as well, of course she wants an auto and I want her to have one, but we are going with a suburban if Ford does not build me a truck, so thats two cars you will mis from us...I clearly not the only one...Ford you our there??
Lewis C 12/28/2012
ikr, i hate GM, and i aint too big on dodge neither, but my parents are buyin me a new truck, and i will only drive a manual transmission, and i LOVE ford. i will never even consider buying a new powerstroke without a handshaker in it, so until ford will bring back the manual, i will be buying a used 6.0L powerstroke with a ZF6 in her. i truly wish that Ford will wake up, open their eyes, and realize that the manual transmissions are still being demanded by people!!!
Tom T 12/28/2012
I agree manual is the only way to go in a truck! What is wrong with Ford!? I would buy a new f150 it they at least offered the option.
Mike H 12/09/2012
Dodge and Gmc offer manual trans. What in the world is the problem with Ford
Curtis H 12/08/2012
I am thinking Ford builds what they want to sell . I want a manual shift compact truck . Nothing seems on the horizon from Ford . I know i don't want to spend 23k usd on a base model F150 even if they offered a std shift transmission. Especially if it was mated to some inline 4 cylinder Ecoboost engine.
I work at a ford dealership in western ky and i agree. Manual trans- just because they came out first and technology tells you auto is better is another opinion not mine. I have a gt and I would not have it any other way.
I know its a different topic but 7.3?
toby 12/05/2012
yes for me too
Michael Camella 12/04/2012
This is the only reason I don't buy a new Ford Truck. I'm graduating in May and I just might get a 1991 F-150 just due to that fact it has a manual. I might have to get a Toyota if I cant get one!
chris v 12/03/2012
If you can't drive a manual or don't drive a manual you really should not be driving. What constitutes a good driver? Someone who can drive with finesse while manually changing gears and who does not need to constantly hit the brakes to slow their vehicle. If you can judge distances and anticipate how much you will need to slow down and do so by downshifting, you are a good driver. I am in the market for a new truck and would like to buy a Ford F-150. By the looks of it, they no longer sells cars to drivers. I will be taking my business elsewhere.
Lewis C 12/03/2012