Please bring the Global Ranger

By Liam R.

Its terribly confusing and frustrating why ford doesn't bring the new amazing global ranger to Canada/USA. I feel as if the truck owners are being ignored and taken advantage of.
26MPG, 3000+ lbs of payload, 7000+lbs of towing capacity? Yes please.
I don't need 10 litres of engine space. I'm still yet to meet someone who needs to tow a house with their pick up.
Get real.
Future owner of an import.
Richard P 11/30/2012
Do it soon. The need is there for a good small we pickup.
Justin L 11/26/2012
There must be some crazy reason that the new global Ranger isn't available in the USA. Maybe the Conspiracy theorists are right, it's the oil companies that have the Car manufacturers by the short hair. It is not only ludicrous but irresponsible to not offer the vehicles that everyone in the rest of the world is taking for granted. if the Ranger can have a 3 liter turbo diesel with the numbers it is apparently putting up for power, torque and fuel economy - 35 mpg, it is plain irresponsible to not make it available and hypocritical of our government to do anything that would block it; like create artificial regulations targeting specific type of vehicles that are more fuel efficient. they use to always say the US population doesn't like Diesels, this is clearly false, look at the number of powerstroke and cummins on the road. not to mention VW diesels that can't keep up with demand.
Gerald k 10/23/2012
sure, it makes little sense to pay a full sized truck price for a smaller truck, but many Americans and Canadiens can not fit the new Crew F150's in there garage. many homes have garages that are only 20' deep and the new crew barely fits length wise, and will not fit width wise. The Ranger crew though the same price as an F150 is a clear choice for those that need a crew cab and a pickup box, but are limited on space. besides, the stores keep making parking spaces narrower every time they re stripe. The F150 is just too large for modern parking lots spaces.