Please Bring Focus Wagon to US!

By Tom W.

I love the direction you are taking with the Company and with this Web site (although I think "The Ford Story" is a little staid), but at the risk of being mundane, I have been hoping for a Focus Wagon with a manual (or dual clutch) transmission since you discontinued both the MT wagon and the Wagon body style years ago. The 2012 focus sedan and hatch that are coming to America both look great, but to my eyes the Euro spec wagon looks even better (and would be a lot more practical.) The last time Ford offered the Focus wagon was just before the oil crunch and financial crisis hit. I think you would find people's perception of value, practicality, and desirablility desirability have changed considerably. There are lots of small "crossovers" but nothing yet that touches the performance and fuel economy of the new Focus. But to get one now, means giving up on the practicality of the "wagon" body style. Why not give us big-dog owning family folks a focus that works for us.

To me that would be a world-beating package.
ed 02/24/2014
PLease please please. I will pay in advance. Bring focus wagon back.
m 08/09/2013
I would love to get a new Ford Focus wagon--although my current one has been a great one!
Mark H 07/29/2013
I think I'm with everyone else in this thread. Please bring the Focus wagon to the States! We just bought a Focus 5-door for my wife, and she loves it. I'm going to be needing to replace my PT Cruiser soon, and a Focus wagon would be perfect. Say what you will about the PT, but with the huge liftgate and removable rear seats, it was perfect for hauling "stuff". I like the Escape, but it's larger, less efficient and more expensive, and I don't need any of that. Bring us the wagon, I'll buy one! Make it a turbo diesel with a good manual transmission and I'll knock little old ladies over to buy one. Oh, and that bronze color that's available in the UK would be awful nice too.
Bob R 07/09/2013
I need a new car and your forcing me into a VW wagon. I've owned a lot of Fords why drive me away when I just don't want a small SUV?
subaru to ford wagon 04/09/2013
I own a subie outback wagon and intend to make ford focus wagon my next car if they decide to sell in in the U.S.-Ford, wake up and capture this market share!
Joachim R 02/10/2013
Our family has always purchased wagons as for us they are the ideal combination of versatility, size, fuel economy and performance. Imports have always won because of a lack of options from US automakers, so imagine our excitement for the Focus wagon available elsewhere, and in the sporty, performance oriented ST no less! I am currently looking at the Focus ST and Fiesta ST and we're reluctant to switch, but a Focus ST wagon would be the tipping point (we've always been 100% VW owners - Jetta and Passat wagons).
Jay F w 02/08/2013
Bring over the TDCi wagon- plenty of power, range and great fuel economy. Wagons are back- lots of us are over the SUV and crossover thing.
Steven D 12/18/2012
I own an E-150 conversion van, best truck ever. Also have an 11 year old Grand Am (manual trans) that needs replacement. Love the Focus ST but need the space of a wagon. Bring the St Wagon to US before I buy something else!
Greg 12/04/2012
If there was a Black Ford Focus ST wagon at a dealer near by, I would purchase it in a heartbeat. As it stands now, I have considered the purchase a Focus ST, but its just too much smaller than my 2010 Focus SE to justify. The wagon would give me the performance and cargo capacity I would like to have in a daily driver.
Nicole B 11/22/2012
I have a Ford Freestyle which I love but I want a traditional wagon for my next car. Please, please bring the Focus Wagon to the U.S. I want to buy another Ford but the Acura wagon maybe next car.
Ben 11/12/2012
Bring them to the US or lose the business. The 5 door just doesn't cut it!
Andre Z 11/11/2012
Sam S 07/22/2012
A 2001 Focus wagon was my first car, and it's seen me through two graduate schools and multiple cross-country moves. Now that it's wrecked, I'm looking to replace it...probably with another. I just wish I could by a new one!
Jon Smith 05/10/2012
Correct to all. Ford need's to bring back the Focus Wagon. Otherwise I may have to buy a non-Ford as my next vehicle. I have only owned Ford's.
Florence S 04/12/2012
I also don't buy SUV's or hybrids and am ready for a new Ford Focus wagon - gas powered.
Fish 03/14/2012
They keep saying that there is not a market for a small wagon in the US. But I wonder who is doing the marketing. If you look at what's on the road, you see Pontiac Vibes, Chevy HHRs, Subaru Wagons, VW Jetta Wagons everywhere. I've been told that the PT Cruiser was Chryslers most successful small car in its history. I think it really comes down to the bean counters who think wagons will take away from the big margins on the big SUVs. Well Ford, I don't buy SUVs, so how much money are you going to make when I buy the Jetta instead. You already "make" the car, why not try to sell some.
Neal Carlson 01/04/2011
Tom, I feel exactly the same way. There is only one wagon for sale in the US with a manual transmission under 30k - the VW Jetta. There are several above 30k - BMW, Audi, Volvo, Saab. And of course a dozen or more crossovers - mostly with only automatic transmisions.

GIVE US A MANUAL TRANSMISSION FOCUS WAGON! Otherwise, I guess I'll be buying German again...