I have an 01 Expedition and I absolutely love it, but my family is growing and I need something bigger. I want you to bring back the Excursion because I need the cargo room for the kids and the dog, and the towing capability the diesel Excursion offered for our camper. I don't understand why you took this SUV off the line. Please start making them again!
Douglas H 01/12/2014
Ford needs to bring back the Excursion to compete with the diesels that other companies are offering. I pull a big boat with my 97 Club Wagon and need to replace it but there isn't anything offered that will pull and offer good fuel economy.
Justin Y 08/12/2013
The Excursion is an excellent vehicle. My wife has a 2003 Limited 4x4 with a 6.0 Power Stroke. We use it to haul family as well as equipment and materials for my excavating business. She can even get 20 mpg on a road trip. There's nothing in the market place today that compares with a diesel Excursion. 
Jabez H 08/07/2013
Ford needs to bring back the Excursion but only in a 4x4 diesel or Ecoboost.
Merle M 07/20/2013
Went looking for a SUV today and found out only Chevy makes a 3/4ton. Pitty!!!!!!