As I can see my aluminum on steal frame idea was put to good use. We can also start using more plastics in the production of the engine to help offset engine weight. Back in the 80s Ford developed a plastic engine, and it performed well. I however, I don’t suggest doing the entire engine in plastic of course. But non load items it can be used to great effect, ie. oil pans, timing covers, valve covers, ect... The plastics used would of course be thermoplastics. Since this would mean that the oil pan would be plastic and exposed this would need an addition of a windiage tray or a plastic guard. Such a tray with the addition of added protection to the engine, would also allow for better air control through the engine bay, and help with car aerodynamics. With thermoplastics being a cost effective swap for aluminum, steal and some aftermarket engine makers use carbon fiber this seams like a logical step in improving overall efficiency and weight distribution throughout the car. We can also assume that since this is thermoplastics and not forged or stamped metal that more runs of parts can be made from the master mold/ die before its eventual replacement helping offsetting costs.