pickup powertrain

An old idea needs to make a return, the 5 speed MANUAL transmission.  Alot of us country folks love our ford trucks, and really miss the true control a manual transmission provides.  I have always drivin manuals until my last truck.  The auto  is nice but fuel economy has taken a back seat to technology.  I miss the thrill of shifting the transmission myself, hate having a computer do what my brain can do better and faster.  I relize the new automatics have  a manual capability, that does NOT replace a clutch nor the vehicle control.  

Please reconsider bringing the manual transmission back as an option in ALL F-series pickups.
John B 01/14/2014
I agree that Ford needs to bring back the hd manuals back in F series Ram is taking over my area too because of manual availabilty. I am trying to hold out for a Ford manual but may have to go for a ram myself although I hope not.
Daniel M 12/13/2013
No manual transmission = no sale to me.
Jonathan L 10/18/2013
unfortunatelythe only manual option is to go to a dodge diesel. I was even told by a ford dealer 3 years ago when i purchased my f-150 if i wanted a manual to go to a dodge dealership. Itis sad but i understanad ford went where the money was just wish they still had a custom build option.
Drew J 10/15/2013
I will not buy a new truck until the manual transmission is an option!