Performance packed economy car

Ford Fiesta and Figo are the models you have designed for mid-level customers but there is some secret i want to share to increase the sales of both in India as here in our country , Performance is needed in segment of above 9lac range and under this that's where Figo is considered , it is packed with 1.4L engine under its hood so lead to lower mileage economy but in this segment its the concern of every customer and in Fiesta mileage is good on mileage but lacks performance with just 1.5D , . So,

Summary of the idea: If possible, design the engines of both the cars as Figo needs economy and Fiesta requires performance as Fiesta contains a large number of advanced features so by upgrading the engine may become the hot best selling of the segment and some price correction is also required and using smaller engine with higher mileage will lead to increase in sales most probably.

Thanking You.
Jeff W 04/27/2012
More power is always good.