Performance Hatches

By Bob B.

My suggestion is that Ford introduces performance editions of the US versions of the Fiesta and Focus at launch instead of waiting a year or two as has been done in the past. Hopefully the introduction of the new Taurus simultaneously with the SHO package will be the precedent followed for the introduction of ST, SVT or RS versions of the Focus and Fiesta. I’ll be looking to replace my ’03 SVT Focus soon; please don’t make me wait an extra year for one of these hot hatches. And please release the performance versions as both 5-door and 3-door models; practicality and performance are not mutually exclusive! I also feel that having two performance models of each vehicle would be ideal, one ‘mild’ version and one truly ‘hot’ hatch. Perhaps having only the ‘mild’ version available at launch would be acceptable, as long as it wasn’t too mild. Even those versions should be better in every way than the SVT Focus that I love!