Parallel Architecture for Passenger Cars: Placing the engine below the central dashboard

By Raul J.

My idea is to place the engine below the central area of the dashboard, in parallel with the driver legs, in order to have its mass placed in mid-centre position as in pure sports cars, while at the same time having a cab-forward design, maximizing its habitability.
This would be possible if it is an in-line engine installed longitudinally in the vehicle, and especially designed for having the minimum possible width by placing its auxiliary elements in series with the engine. There would also be an access to the engine head area on the top of the central dashboard, in order to do maintenance works on it.
At the same time, the base of the windscreen would have to be moved forward to allow access to the longitudinal engine from the top of the dashboard. This would also further increase the interior volume of the car and improve its aerodynamics.
Raul J 01/07/2013
Thanks for the comment, but if Ford placed the engine in the back it didn´t do this already, what they did was a rear-mid engined car. In 2013 head gaskets don´t blow in normal passenger cars, and usually you only have to access the engine head area every few years; that´s why now this idea would be possible and not before.
Stan U 01/06/2013
Ford did this already but they put the engine in the back and called it the Ford GT. They didn't want to have to go through the dashboard every time they blew a head gasket. Google it.