oxygen and Neodymium magnets

By Paul R.

A gasoline engine can be designed with pure oxygen mixed with fuel which would provide great fuel economy and better burning of fuel in combustion chamber. This fuel/oxygen mix would need a new engine design for safety and to accommodate higher compression in combustion chamber. This pure oxygen can be produced electrically from water maybe.
Another idea is having the axle of the car float in a magnetic field instead of axle grease to reduce friction. The wheels could also float in a magnetic field using powerful Neodymium magnets that are shielded so they don't interfere with pacemakers. Braking would be done in same method as currently done in cars today.
art h 08/17/2014
You can't use oxygen in cars because its will excelerate a fire. If you had a crash and your car had oxygen on board the fire would be so intense that you wouldnt have time to excape.