only a Mustang

Ford Thunderbird. A halo car, an American Icon, a Legend. Much like the Mustang ,it is a vehicle that defined Ford for a long time. It lost its way and then disappeared. Lets bring it back. Something sporty, fun, luxurious and sexy. Ecoboosted and rear drive. Since I cant have my 2011 Mercury Cougar Xr7. I want a new Thunderbird with a usable back seat and fun to drive
Robert Todd 05/09/2011
The last comeback wasn't a total screwup, just partial. After the engineers designed it, the accountants re designed it . Why in the world did they want to use some odball Jaguar engine rather than the 4.6. Too many lying around so lets use them up? Most people I talked to that bought them were over75 yrs old. Shows who they apealed to.
What ever, they were a lot better than a few other cars Ford stuck the name on.
Reagan Stowell 04/05/2011
No eco boost in a muscle car, I am totally against it. More Power, Worse Gas Mileage, More speed, I know i'm INSANE but that's just my idea of American Patriotism. I would love to see the Thunderbird or Torino back, but it's got to be a real muscle car, maybe with a base engine being at least the old 4.6L V8 from the last generation Mustang GT.
ben smith 03/02/2011
really really good car if i was alive when this was around i would hve loved it
Larry Gross 01/17/2011
The Tbird should return. The one that was built during the 1990's was great. The first ones, and the late 70's ones were also iconic. Going retro, may not be the way to go with Tbird. It should have a back seat that can hold 3 young teenagers, it should be rear wheel drive, it should have near lincoln elegance. It should be offered with v6 and v8 or hybrid options. It should be smooth and powerful and not overweight. Not a thunderturd. It should be able to tow. It should offer the practical room, comfort and luxury that Mustang deletes for sports reasons.
Brian Duga 01/16/2011
This car all-ready made a comeback, and they messed it all up. NO COME BACK
Robert Hollar 01/13/2011
no the Thunderbird needs to let rest in piece. Don't get me wrong I loved working on my friends old super coupe. But its a name plate that just needs to stay berried next to the pinto and probe.