Old ideas in modern cars

Good day. I think it'll be good idea to take some old standards 1950-1980: exterior, stout metal, 1M miles engine,etc. in modern cars. I have Lincoln Continental 89' and Town car 92'. When i drive it, i feel certainty,solidity, moreover i feel pleasure, not like in Ford Focus for example. It just take you from point A to B. Cars of this time have a soul. Particularly in exterior. Modern cars are featureless, i think.
Best regards, Dmitry.
Alex M 02/01/2013
Example: Lincoln, the older I get the better they look. As a Gen Y myself I must admit that I will not be shopping Lincoln until at least 35.
Darien W 01/24/2013
While I understand the call for nostalgia, the cars older than the late 80's have a very 'old soul'. If you look at the Y generation (particularly 18-30), I'm sure many would agree. I'd rather stay with a Japanese model or BMW than to buy a car that looks like something my grandfather would drive. Such a car would be the first I'd buy new, I refuse the even consider the idea of have to be shackled to something like that til it's paid off.