Offroad SUV

By Ray S.

Basically I think if marketed correctly and derrived from one of ford's current platforms a small to midsize off road suv (think similar to a jeep wrangler in terms of size) would be extremely popular. As of now there are not many off road vehicles on the market. I think by combining the current lack of this type of vehicle in the market with the nostalgia of a popular name plate (bronco) ford could really create a very successful vehicle. Also since it would be a smaller vehicle it could still obtain fairly good gas mileage and could be used as a daily driver ( higher models could have ford's innovative tech included).
Jeff D 09/25/2012
I agree! Ford needs an SUV that is a capable offroader that would be competition for the Wrangler or Xterra. Having a base 4 cyclinder and optional diesel or turbo engine if someone wants more power. Even using straight axles would keep costs lower and is preferred for many types of off-roading. A removable top would be a must and the option for a cloth top would be recommended. Add lockable differentials and manual or auto transmissions.