Offer Revo-Knuckle in Focus/Fiesta ST

By J. T.

I would be nice if you were to offer the Revo-Knuckle system as an option in both the Focus ST and the upcoming Fiesta ST and any other other FWD performance vehicle you make or are working on (Fusion Sport/ST hopefully). I know it would cost more but the benefits of not having to fight the torque steer, which a lot of auto reviews say is definitely there, would make this a top rate performer. It proved itself in the Euro ST so why not use it! Some of the cost would be offset by getting rid of the Torque Vectoring system that is currently used, which to me is a cheap way of trying to fix/tame this problem. Either that or offer an AWD version.
Juston P 12/28/2012
Honestly I think the real answer is an available AWD. I would buy Fiesta ST AWD tomorrow for myself, and a Fiesta 1L EcoBoost AWD for my wife... Even if it cost $2,000 more I would pay it. Especially if it had the Terrain Management System for snow and icy roads.