Offer Manual on ALL Focus models

Please! I want the added conveniences like ambient lighting, nicer stereo, etc. that I can't get on the base model. All VW's models allow Manuals.. why not Ford?

Ford, you make great manuals!!! They are buttery smooth w/ great clutches.
Becky Williams 06/08/2011
Agree 100%!!!
Robert Todd 05/30/2011
I'm sure that the "car guys" at Ford would go for this too but the trouble is that accountants can't drive a manual transmission equiped vehicle
Kevin Finlay 05/27/2011
Agreed. I added my comment the other day as well. I have a fully loaded Nissan Altima Sedan (3.5L V6) that I'm looking to downsize and my Nissan was offered with a manual. C'mon Ford!
Brad Krekelberg 05/26/2011
Wow, seems to be a common sentiment. You listening, Ford?
Dave Fairchild 05/26/2011
I think that manual transmissions should be offered in all vehicles with all options!