North American Fiesta ST

By Josh O.

Please for the love of all car people in the country, bring the Fiesta ST to US shores in any flavor you like. I have a 1997 Mustang GT that my grandma bought off the lot new and I can think of no other car that I would like to have as a daily driver to retire my Mustang after so many years of dependable driving and weekend auto crosses. I am asking on behalf of all car people in the US to please, please bring the FIesta ST to our shores.

Note: whatever body you put it in, make sure its a manual transmission.
Frank W 11/17/2013
i would like to see an awd model.
Frank W 11/17/2013
I would love to see an awd mode. And the two litre turbo engine
Art B 11/25/2012
make a U.S. 3 door - an ST would be great in 3 doors but kinda silly with 5 doors. Americans do buy 3 doors. I had a Focus ZX3 and I see Minis, BMWs, VWs, etc. everyday
David C 10/24/2012
U.S. 3-Door Fiesta ST please!
Robert C 08/31/2012
A 3 Door Fiesta ST and no more racing my VW Corrado G60.