No Substitute for the Ford Ranger

By Greg K.

I hope you at Ford will consider resurrecting the inimintable Ford Ranger truck in the near future. I am the present owner of a 1994 Lightning and will conisder purchasing a new truck eventually.
As a dedicated Ford enthusiast, I hope I can find a truck that fills my needs within your product line. The F-150 is too much truck for me now. With its 12 mpg mileage and bulk, this great vehicle is more than I need for the light hauling that I do.
I would like to have a nimble, agile sports truck with road grip and brisk acceleration. A mini-Lightning, so to speak. Like the old Lightning, aptly described as " a sports car with a bed."
I know it is only a niche market, but it's an important presence to project in the competiton for brand recognition. Right now its only Toyota's TRD PreRunner that can boast of enhanced perfomance.
Chevy is about to reintrocue a midsize pickup and I don't think that leaving a gap in the product line up to counter thier model is a prudent idea. I may be biased, but I always considered the Ranger superior to the S-10 and Dodge Dakota. The only mistake Ford made, in my opinion, was not to introduce an SVT Ranger.
Not to be sidetracked, but I think that you would be better served if you had a SVT model in every line. The brand has great prestige and lends an intangible aura to the entire product line. The models are always produced with an excellent blend of handling and power that makes that act of driving an exhilirating experience.
I am not impressed with the present Chevy Camaro, Corvette, or Dodge Challengers; they have great numbers but little finesse. I still think the boys at Ford can make a better vehicle.
To me, SVT means a vehicle that is tweaked so that all the modifications are coordinated to produce a smooth pitch-perfect blend of performance and roadability. I think that your products capture the finer aspects of the European and Japanese perfomance sedans mcuh better than the other domestic brands.
I hope you keep up the great work at Ford. I am pleased with all the models you preseetnly offer and would pruchase one if I wasn't in the market for a truck. I hope you have a moderately enhanced performance oriented "sport" mid-sized truck when I finally replace my beloved Lightning down the road.
Fords Foreever!