No more electronic parking brake

By Joel A.

I don't like the electronic parking brake in the 2013 Fusion Hybrid. I prefer a console mounted parking brake because I can feel it engage while lifting the handle as opposed to counting on a computer to do it. The electronic parking brake also worries me when it comes to engaging it in an emergency situation. With a console mounted parking brake you know for sure when it is engaged.
Justin B 01/26/2013
That's where most cars are moving to. Just taking an inventory of cars at NAIAS i think a large majority of cars I was seeing, even BMWs, are moving toward electronic parking brakes. The focus in cars has been shifted to being high performance with little user interaction, this means less emphasis on physical controls and more reliance on electronics and computers to do most of the grunt work for you. In the new Lincoln MKZ there isn't even a grip gear selector anymore, it's a bunch of buttons on the left side of the MLT screen.
Calen K 01/19/2013
It still works when your driving! You should be able to pull a J turn, or slide into that parallel parking spot you thought only a Mini could fit in...
I like the parking brake, besides it frees up space in the center console.
Jesse F 12/10/2012
Not to mention you're killing the future of J Turns.