no fwd for falcon

ford, what more can i say. we here in australia are still getting talk of you guys changeing our great car that has been our choice for 50 years. Now as a great ford fan for many years, i can not understand why this must happen. This car is one of or the best rwd car that ford makes anywhere in the world. Would it not be better to put the mustang on the falcon platform and build these two great cars side by side as you did many years ago and bring the history back to life. Also from a marketing point this could serve you very well. This would also mean that we here in Australia would have the chance to buy the mustang.
Sasha Jaafari 03/17/2011
That would be stupidity on a grand scale. I think Ford should first trial a side by side sales contest to see which would win here in Australia. This seems most logical. The costs of merging Falcon with Mustang wouldn't be that bad, considering the know how and specs exist in both countries already.
Patrick C 01/30/2011
Ford is not interested. They would rather hand over the Falcon market to Holden and force feed you Taurses instead of developing this car further. If this car were known in the states things might be different but Ford seems to be happy selling huge overweight Taurses to everyone here and promoting the SHO version as a "performance sedan". The Falcon is an orphan in the "one Ford" strategy of producing FWD/AWD sedans on as few platforms as possible and that is why it must die. The Mustang's platform is also an orphan but it sells 100,000 plus copies a year and is so old that development costs have long since been paid for. So the choice seems to be spend more money and merge the Falcon and Mustang onto a superior platform, or eliminate the Falcon completly, replace it with something else already in production and continue to produce the Mustang on its old platform. Obviously the second choice costs the least and that is probably the way they will go.