Next Special Edition Mustang...

Please give us a 2012 Mach1 428 CJ using the "777" 7.0 liter variant of the 6.2. I am afraid that a 2012 Boss 429 follow on to the Boss 302 will be stratospherically priced, and garage kept by those who would buy her. Please...give the average person the tool with which to thumb their noses at SS and SRT drivers.

If Ford is considering doing a Boss 429, perhaps the "semi-hemi" heads from Don Bowles 777 powered Roush drag car could be put in to production to make it ultra-exclusive and a seperate model from my proposed 428 Mach1.

I am a proud member of the Ford family. I helped my brother restore a 69 Cougar XR-7, and I own an extensivlely modified 2005 Mustang GT. I plan on buying either an Edge or Fusion (Hybrid) within the next couple of months.