New US Ranger

You should bring the international Ranger to the US! It is of similiar size to the competitors and smaller than comparible F150. Both foregn and domestic competitors are bringing new trucks to market. Not everybody needs an F150.
Lee C 07/06/2014
I agree with the commenters. The international ranger is perfect, diesel and gas. If ford wanted to add another car to the SVT lineup they could easily make an eco-lightning with the 3.5L twin-turbo engine in the new ranger. I have a 1994 ranger that i am building as a play toy, and my choice of engines to put in it was endless. Including the 3.5L ecoboost out of a wrecked f150. However i chose a 3.9L 4bt Cummins out of a frito lay truck, and will try to run it on vegetable oil, since gas is so expensive. Ford has promo-videos of the ranger crossing rivers in australia, wouldn’t you think the US buyers would be hyped up to buy it after seeing that in a commercial? I have owned 4 or 5 rangers in my lifetime (and im only 25) great trucks, great safety features. I wrecked my 2008 ranger at 60mph, survived obviously. Ford has always been a game changer with their SVT brand, The other american auto makers are always trying to keep up. But now Ford is basically has given the buyers no choice but to have to go to government motors for a mini truck. I know the reason ford discontinued the ranger because they were costing almost as much as the f150 to build, and i think dodge did the same. But it seems buyers in north america want it back.
Pierre D 06/27/2014
Yes we need the Ranger back here to in Canada we pay $6.00 the gallon for fuel dont need a dinosaure size F150 need the Ranger like ford sells to south america,australia and european markets with a small diesel 4 cylinders motor would be perfect there pushing Ranger owner to Gm Colorado or Toyotas seems they dont want our buisness anymore just dont understand ford executive decision making the same mistakes that GM dids
Howard 06/26/2014
They need to bring the international Ranger into the country as-is, with the diesel engines and 6 speed manual trans, not autotragic and gasoline only like the F150. 
Matthew R 06/09/2014
I agree with Shawn R. I do not need an F-150, a truck the size of the ranger would be great!
Shawn R 06/08/2014
I believe the time is right to bring back the Ranger. The Tacoma has been cheapen and the consumer sees this. This is the time to strike. The f150 changed everything in 2011 with the first ecoboost and all other vehicles followed suit. Now it will happen again with aluminum bodies, which will further increase the mpgs. The Ranger with a small ecoboost engine and an aluminum body should get somewhere around 35 mpg. Since the new f150 should get near 28 and the Ranger being smaller. The tacoma and other competing vehicles in this space only gets around 21 to 24. I don't know if Ford could make enough for the demand. The international version of the Ranger is perfect, do not change it.