New small 6 Cylinder engine.

Ford needs a new modern engine to fit between their 2.0L I-4 and 3.5L V6. Technology will continue to make engines more powerful over time so Ford needs engines smaller than the 3.5L.. People who want a premium car would demand something better than a 4 cylinder. I would think an EcoBoost 2.2L to 2.5L 6 cylinder would be ideal. The engine could be built as up to a 2.7L in size, but I think that is larger than needed when using future technology.

The small size would make an inexpensive I-6 possible. An I-6 would reduce the cost of the valve train, fuel system, turbo plumbing, improve crash worthiness, ease servicing and reduce the size thus weight of the engine compartment. Better yet, use a narrow-V engine design like the VW VR6 for the most compact of design.