New Ranger

Why not build a New slighly larger Ranger and put the new Ecoboost engine in it, great performance and fuel mileage.   It would kick GM butt!  I have owned several Rangers, like most others loved them, I will keep the one I have till the wheels fall off.
J 02/09/2014
5-new Rangers over the years and have no interest in the F150. Hoping Ford decides sell the new Ranger in the next few years so I can continue purchasing Rangers.
Jim G 01/27/2014
World ranger with diesel engine is a great idea. I'd have to go with Toyota otehrwise.
Sam P 01/20/2014
This is to say, "a mid-sized" truck!
Grant C 01/18/2014
Long time Ranger driver (among other Fords) . Would love to see the "World Ranger" brought to the American market.  Seems like it would be relatively cheap and easy considering the truck is already built. Free revenue, basically?  At any rate, if you do, please keep the small diesel engines as an option!  I will be one of the first in line for a full four door diesel Ranger!
Michael C 01/17/2014
Bring the German Ranger Wildtrax with 4X4 & diesel to the USA!
densil d 01/17/2014
they did but it is over seas for some reason they will not bring it to america.