new ranger

Ford should remake a North American ranger, but with a small i-4 diesel motor like in australia or south america. if not, make a smaller F-150 and rebadge it as the F-100 with a small but powerful diesel motor
shaun w 04/15/2013
I do a lot of hauling over long distances and want a 4 cal diesel pick up that can do the job without costing me a fortune in gas. I'd think it was too much to ask for if Ford wasn't already selling this truck to nearly everyone but us.
Todd T 04/07/2013
I'm in the same boat as Gary M. The new F150 is the size of the 2000 F250. Ford please stop chasing Dodge on the size of you pickup. I've been holding out in replacing my 2001 supercrew due to the new F150 are too large. I've been hoping for the last couple years for the australia ranger.

Ford teased me in 2004 and made me wait too long and I ended replacing my Bronco with a Jeep Wrangler. In the next couple years, If someone makes a turbo diesel or a Eco boost mid size pickup, that will be my purchase.
Gary M 03/19/2013
Ford engineers and marketing need to remember the P/U market segments they satisfied with their F-1, Ranger and F-100. My grandfather owned and F-1, I owned a '79 F-100 and now drive a 2000 F-150 as my primary vehicle. Bigger P/Us don't fit my transportation and towing needs like the other commenters.
Gary M 03/19/2013
I currently drive a 2000 F-150 and would like to continue driving a Ford. However, Ford has made the new F-150 so large they won't pass thru my 8' garage door to fit in my garage. I hope Ford has a new Ranger or F-100 P/U that will fit otherwise I will have to find another P/U when it comes time to replace my old F-150.
dominic p 03/18/2013
If Ford wants to continue to be the "truck leader" they are going to have to satisfy as many truck customer needs and wants as possible. Personally, a diesel in a small truck is not my preference. However, if you build it and build it right i"m sure you would have a gem of a truck that would cause a frenzy.
To be absent in the small to mid-size truck market is foolish. Handing over a segment of the truck market to Toyota and Nissan is not what truck leaders do. I believe if Ford continues to make decisions that dissatisfies truck buyers Toyota, Nissan and maybe Honda will take over the truck market faster than they took the car market.
Richard P 03/17/2013
Well we finally needed to replace our 98 Ranger and but we were able to find an 09 in good condition. Not wnat we wanted but it will have to do. We wanted to get a new Ranger. Oops that was not available. Still a ford customer but ord lost a sale.
John K 02/19/2013
I agree I would like to see more truck options than either the F150 or a super duty. I used to own a 99 ranger and I loved that little truck. It was a manual transmission which I wish I had in the F150 I have now. Once my lease is up I am gonna look for a truck with a manual transmission I just like it so much better than the automatics. I would love it if they came out with a new ranger with this option.
Robert T 02/18/2013
I would say "lets dig up ol Henry" so he could fire a bunch of people and bring back a a stick shift Ranger but the screaners most likely won't approve of it
ian 02/17/2013
I think adding a small Eco boost to the line up would be good. Manual transmission options are always nice too. I do a lot of outdoor stuff and it would be nice to get the more capable options like a locking rear diff without being forced to buy the top model.
Aaron M 02/14/2013
Would love a diesel Ford Ranger that shares a platform with new Bronco! Hint, hint
Richard P 02/12/2013
We have a 98 Ranger and we have started to look for a replacement and Ford simply does not offer a comparable truck anymore. When will we see a new Ranger size pickup???? A gas engine, a diesel what ever Ford needs a small pickup. We are having to look elsewhere and would rather not. Another lost sale for Ford.