New Mustang

Why not continue the retro theme with the mustangs, but instead of just doing super snakes or shelby's, how about bringing back one of the powerhouses' A retro styled, possibly just use the original body just out of fiberglass, Boss 429. Bring back the ford hemi, put some good modern suspension in it put something imposing and cool back on America's streets with a proud ford badge.
Matthew Britt 11/15/2011
That would be an awesome idea. I love the Boss 429 but If they do don't make it just manual trans. I mean now you can have the manual feel with the automatic. Don't make people learn how to drive a stick just so they can drive the car they want
Kenneth Hughes 11/05/2011
We have to show of our muscle again. Eat up dodge and chevy and spit 'em back out. I want the 429 too!
Robert Todd 09/01/2011
Pay attention to the Evos consept and Ford's quest to design everything "world or Euro. Ford isn't into 4 seat coups so do you think J Mays and crew will punish the American public with this as the new Mustang/ I never was a fan of the J Mays styiling school. His influence made Ford products too Euro or Volkswagen looking. They had no distinction like Chrysler has. If we hear that the new name for the Evos is Probe, run and buy a Camaro or Chalenger to encourage GM and Chrysler are right. I'v been a Ford person all my car buying life but if the progression is Euro or world, I will change. I'm an American.
michael dwyer, sr. 08/31/2011
I am with you. A "poked and stroked" coyoteized 6.2 would be the ticket. then just for grins twin turbos/supercharger and a price that does not require refinancing your house.