New Mark coupe

Take the 2011 Mustang and put a Lincoln Mark body on it ... upgrade the materials in the interior, add some exclusives, install sport exhaust, supercharge the engine, develop lots of torque and have Carroll Shelby tweak it.
Then go after the Cadillac CTSV coupe.
Dylan 12/16/2010
It's been a while since i checked on this suggestion and a lot has happened in that time. I still think that Ford is pushing all the right buttons in the marketplace and the sales figures speak for themselves on that note. For those of us that have our ear tuned to such things, there has been word that Ford will be showing Lincoln the same love the Ford brand received in the past several years. Naturally this is the next logical step seeing as Ford is firing on all cylinders and Mercury is well on it's way out the door.

One of the highlights of the talk floating around is the introduction of the next generation Mustang. This car is due to be introduced just in time for the Mustangs 50th birthday. Why this is worth mentioning here is the fact that some within Ford have mentioned Lincoln would be receiving some new vehicles in this same time frame, possibly RWD.

A 2014 Lincoln Mark IX? released in time for the 30th anniversary of the first true hot rod Lincoln? One that quite possibly breathes through an engine with the same iconic 5.0L displacement as its ancestor? Today this seems more possible than ever. Should this come to pass I think a round of applause is in order.

Let's hear it for a car company that listens to it's customers.

Now if you will excuse me, I simply must be the first in line.

On a side note. I have now been without my Mark coupe for just over two years. I miss it so much that I am currently in the market to find another 1998 Mark VIII LSC. Once you've had one simply nothing else will do. I've test driven E-classes and the Lexus IS as well as a couple of BMW's. Nothing gave me the feel of my Mark VIII. So despite their age I will seek out another, Ford's crowning achievement of the 1990's
oldschool1 10/16/2010
"Take the 2011 Mustang and put a Lincoln Mark body on it … upgrade the materials in the interior, add some exclusives, install sport exhaust, supercharge the engine, develop lots of torque and have Carroll Shelby tweak it.
Then go after the Cadillac CTSV coupe."

It is said that those that forget the past are destined to relive it. In Ford's case, this would be a good thing. The year was 1981ish and Ford began design on a Luxury Sport Coupe that would keep the EPA, the DOT, and the BOD happy. The end result was the 1984 Lincoln Mark VII; the best American made luxury sport coupe produced from 1984 to 1992. It also came in three flavors: designer, LSC, and (gasp) a diesel version (produced for 18 months). The EPA liked the engines and the DOT liked the B pillar and the BOD liked the production cost and the public like the $28,000.00 base model price tag. For the next nine years, the annual production numbers were between 5000 (in 1992) and 33000 in 1988 with DSOs reporting actual BACK ORDER sales in areas like Philadelphia and New York. This would have happed again had the MK R been retooled to keep the DOT happy. I own nine Lincolns, all coupes, and am still waiting to pre order a NEW two door Lincoln. Since we know what DOESN'T work, why not redo what DOES work? Barry A's formula, and that of the 1981 Lincoln Product Development Team, does work.
Amro 09/04/2010
I've been a fan of Lincoln Mark all my life , never owned one , but hopefully I will
bring back the Lincoln Mark coupe with V8 engine (6.2 L would be perfect) & make Long with long hood & frameless long doors with high-end 2+2 interior to rival the Mercedes CL & the BMW 650CI & then offer a SVT like model to compet against CL63 & M6
JimP 07/15/2010
Lincoln does need a new super car to compete with the Cadillac CTS-V. Labelling it a Mark would be a great idea. A supercharged V-8 of course is a must. But being a lincoln, it should be roomier inside than a mustang while still having a performance suspension. In a car like that you should have variable suspension modes available - comfort and sport at a minimum. You don't want to jar out Grandma's dentures when giving her a ride to the Hamptons for Thanksgiving. But you want to car to drive like a Formula-1 when you take her out for a mashing.
HB 06/07/2010
Yes.Yes,Yes...I just bought a another (my 5th) 98 with 49k on it, because i can't find another car I like as much, and I have tried, tested everthing, the only cars that are = to are in the $100k price range
David Nicholas 05/08/2010
Here's the problem: Always drove a Mark for 20 years. The latest Mark was always a step ahead of the competing Caddy.

Lincoln needs something to compete with the CTS-V. If not, you may as well give up the brand, the rest of the Licnoln offerign is nothing but rechromed Fords...
jackiejoe 04/28/2010
I would like to see a new Lincoln Mark coupe, and a new cutting edge Thunderbird luxury coupe with a backseat and power performance
Dennis Jones 04/25/2010
I've got a '95 Mark viii Coach Builders convertible conversion. It's fantastic. Build a new from scratch luxury no boot convertible to rival the BMW & Mercedes. Get some Class! Stop trying to look like everything else on the road.
Patrick C 04/23/2010
They need to use the Falcon as a base for a new Mark coupe. A luxury appointed Falcon XR8 based car would be a great competitor to the CTS.
Gary B 04/19/2010
I agree a new Mark with the new 5 liter and IRS would be awesome.
97 base 72000 miles and going strong
Jeffrey 04/18/2010
I own a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII, and really enjoy it. It would be a great idea if the Mark IX is introduced. It should be top of the line with all of the bells and whistles.
Kris B 04/18/2010
Lincoln needs to bring back a RWD "performance" luxury coupe. This needs to be a car that sets the bar so high that cadillac would have to keep up.
Stephen 04/16/2010
I also would love to see the Mark nameplate brought back as the Mark IX. 5.OL V-8 with paddle shifters, TWO DOORS, RWD, and all of the other bells and whistles that make a Mark a Mark. Performance and personal luxury combined.
Kevin 04/16/2010
I have been a Mark VIII enthusiast for ever. I remember seeing the commercials where the car lowered itself when it reached higher speeds and thought it was really awesome.

I have owned two Marks and love the cars very much and think they are the best cars Ford ever put out there.

I would like to see a new luxury coupe put out there. Make it classy yet gutsy like the Marks have always been.

They will be a good seller.
Dennis Davis 04/15/2010
My suggestion for a name for this car is.... "Thunderbird"!
Rip 04/14/2010
Agreed all the way with the idea of a new Mark automobile. A supercharged 5.0 wrapped in luxury would get my adrenaline going.
Eric 04/14/2010
I too have long enjoyed the Mark series, and currently own a 1998 LSC. It is my personal opinion that part of the reason many domestic manufacturers have suffered is due to inattention to their core brands. Lincoln is synonymous with the Continental/Mark series and Town Car. If Ford were to not only bring back some of these core models, but put the kind of attention that they put into the Taurus when they brought that car back, I believe this would give them a fighting chance at a revival. It does your marketing dollars no good to let a brand become toxic (as lincoln had) with outdated designs and platforms. Nor can it be easy to be constantly changing names and having to re-promote every car's generation. While not every version of, say, BMW's core brands is decidedly loved (Bangle butt's anyone?) it is nonetheless unforeseeable that they would suddenly abandon the 3-series, 5-series, 7-series nomenclature. This is the kind of steadfast marketability that I hope we can see from Lincoln in the future.
elliot king 04/14/2010
yes the idea of a new mark is great Perhaps with a ragtop as well
Mike 04/13/2010
I like the idea of a new Mark Coupe. It might also be a good idea to bring back the Cougar as an upscale Mustang. Much like Nissan has the 370z and the G37 Coupe.
David 04/13/2010
make it a bit smaller and lighter than the Mustang... have it compete with the BMW Z4
Zach E 04/13/2010
i agree with the mustang part, just wait until the 2014 model comes out with IRS. our next mark has to be top notch to compete on a global scale, which is what ford is doing with that platform. plus it would be very fitting, ive heard that the next town car could be on a long wheelbase version. just one thing ford/lincoln: make luxury the first priority, and performance second. and try and stay true to the lincoln roots.
Eric 04/13/2010
I have also been waiting, hoping for a version of the MKR Lincoln showed a few years ago. I really hope that this brand can be shown even a fraction of the love that Ford has received recently.
Dylan 04/13/2010
Having owned both a 1992 Lincoln Mark VII LSC and a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC I am fully behind this idea. I have long awaited the return of the "Hot Rod Lincoln" and the ecoboost MKS just doesn't do it for me. An honest to goodness Lincoln Mark IX coupe with the new 5.0 V8 and all the luxury appointments the Mustang lacks would really quicken my pulse. Given the resurgence of premium luxury sport coupes this idea warrants further exploration. Ford can't let the Cadillac CTS-V coupe the BMW 6 series and the new Mercedes Benz E-Class coupe have all the fun can they?

I think Ford is really hitting their stride. Making moves in all the right directions and gaining massive public appeal in the process. Such a car could bring a whole new demographic into Lincoln showrooms. Young affluent stylish buyers.
Paul P. 04/13/2010
I agree, start with a mustang, stretch the chassis a little to make the back seats more comfortable, give it IRS, a luxury interior/exterior, and....Viola! Lincoln Mark. You could even give it the 3.5L Ecoboost instead of the 5.0L v8 if you think that would be more fitting with Lincoln's image.