New Lincoln Mark IX, X, XI

As a lover and owner of both a 89 Mark VII, and a 95 Mark VIII, I beg you, beg you, please design and release a two door coupe, a proper Luxury Sports Coupe that combines your desire for a great customer experience with the performance that Ford Mo. Co. is capable of. Everyone out there has a two door luxury sports coupe but Lincoln, and that is a shame. Its time to step into the ring with Cadillac, BMW, ect. Build a new Mark.
Maurice 02/09/2013
27 years ago, I saw the Mark VII on the way on my way from work and said to myself "that is the car I've been waiting for. For 27 years I have owned this dream machine. If Ford comes out with a high quality, good looking Mark IX, I would buy it tomorrow.
John Wargo 01/17/2013
Bout damn time. Lincoln hasn't made a car for people in there 30's & 40's since the Lincoln LS. Just bring back V8 cars with REAR WHEEL DRIVE!!!. I have an 06 LS and it's one if the nicest cars I've ever owned. I won't buy a Government Motors car on principle and until FoMoCo makes a suitable replacement for my LS I'm not replacing it. I've been waiting for some excitement to come out of this brand for 7 years and I'm not getting any younger. Grow a pair and build it.
Stephen B 01/16/2013
Lincoln may finally be turning the corner, so an answer to the CTS group would be great. Sedan/Wagon/Coupe and something to compete with the CTS-V should spark some life into the division that now appeals only to the over-70 set. Cadillac is doing it. Now it's Lincoln's turn!
Brad K 01/15/2013
Yeah! How about based on the Mustang?