New Galaxy 500 or Gran Torino Sport

First no 4 door Mustang! Some things should be left alone.

Now which car ertro would Ford people like to see? A 64' or 65' Galaxy 500 4 door and 2 door Powered by Ford V8's and Powered by Ford Hybrid? This could be a good police and state trooper car for the men and women how protect and serve us. Or a retro 72' Gran Torino 4 door for police and state troopers. For us 72' Gran Torino Sport.

I would like to see a retro 64' or 65' Galaxy 500 2 door and 4 door. Also a retro 72' Gran Torino Sport 2 door only.

Chevy has a concept of the Chevelle. Dodge, could make a 2 door version of the Charger. What would Dodge call it the Charger 500, Super Bee or Roadrunner.

ryan s 10/03/2012
I think this is a great idea. but please no euro influence on the styling of these cars. it ruins them
Alec s 05/08/2012
Great Idea