New full size rear drive Ford Galaxie

From 1963-1967 Ford sold over 4.5 million Ford Galaxy's. Production numbers that will exceed and rival any car of today. There's reasons for why it was so popular. It had enough room for 6, powerful, looked and drove great, and Made right here in the USA.

Where does a young family of 5 go to get an affordable, powerful, well styled, and safe full-size rear drive car? As of now there's only one answer to that question...Chrysler 300/Dodge Charger. Both of those cars look great and perform well but if you're like me, you want to buy a car from a company that you know will be around for a long time. You also want a car that's Made in the USA by a company like Ford that shows it can make a great product.

If Ford were to produce a car such as the Interceptor concept, it would be a huge seller for a young dad like myself. The ecoboost engines can be the foundation of the line. Have 5 or better yet 6 person seating. Along with the basic models, include a real performer called Galaxy 500 model with the new 5.0l or 6.2l.

This is a home run. With SUVs and crossovers already on there way out, the return to full size rear drive is a natural fit!

Robert Todd 06/04/2011
I owned a 67 Galaxy 427 four speed and a Fairlane 427 four speed. Both were 2dr "hardtops". I also had a 67 Cougar 390 converted to a 427. Wish I still had them. Other than the Mustang, there is nothing that would come close to the enjoyment these cars brought. Look on E-BAY and if you find any of these cars for sale you will see by the prices they bring that a lot of others loved them also..,/ these cars must have been before the accountants took over
Patrick Collins 06/03/2011
My dad had a 1969 Torino GT formal hardtop. A great car the likes of which is not made anymore. The Fairlanes were all purpose cars that came as two door, four door and wagons and even as a separate nameplate as the Torino was a "sporty" Fairlane that came as a 2 door sedan, 2 door convertible or a two door fastback design. Today the wagon has been replaced by several flavors of SUV/CUV and the old school 2 door sedan is not part of the product plans of any car maker anymore. Its too bad but the variety in cars that we used to enjoy is gone forever i think, replaced by mundane four door lookalike sedans!!
Patrick Collins 06/03/2011
Comment on this IDEA!
Robert Todd 06/01/2011
I agree. The Woodward Ave guys are the last at great American looks and great performance. Too bad they don't make a 2 dr hardtop version. Ford and GM are running hard at making their cars look like last years VW's and Toyota's. Take the names off, line them up and the ones easy to pick out would be Dodge and Chrysler. Ford could do that too. But wont Eather will GM. Buy the dodge and keep Chrysler going. Maybe some day it will rub off. Ford has nobody there that was responsible for their great cars from the Galaxie 500 era.