New Ford Supercar

By Kyle M.

Ok so we obviously all no what a supercar is, and fords supercar is the amazing Ford GT. However who has one? Exactly barely nobody sooo why doesnt Ford make a new one? A more affordable, off-track, highway, practical supercar/sportscar. How many foreign sports cars are out there? ALOT. From the mazda RX-8 to the scion TC to the all new Subaru BRZ which my brother just bought yesterday. Now i only buy American only Ford really but that car is so nice looking that i would buy one. So why doesnt ford have a sportscar like that? A very affordable yet fast and really fun sunday drive car. Cmon now Ford makes the best trucks, suvs, cars you name it now lets get the best supercar/sportscar. I have a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac and i love it, but its only really that to and from work vehicle its not really a fast fun drive worthy vehicle that you would get in a car and yes i love mustangs and that American Muscle legacy but i also love sporty looking aerodynamic speed demon cars. Anyway thats my idea, for the Ford Company to go to the drawing board and create a new sportscar. thank you
Karl H 11/04/2012
The FordGT! Yes!!! Trouble is very few would or could buy them but.....they have to be made! Most beautiful car on earth. I think Ford should make a basic Ford GT which is bullet proof so car guys can spend their lives tweaking, drooling, racing, and playing with them. Design a bullet proof engine so regular car guys can go to Salt Lake, tracks, car events, and modify them forever and keep the body design the way it is. Make it a cheaper, solid racing car for the masses that competes in price with Corvettes, Nissan 370Z's etc. at the base end but retains the body style of the GT40. Suburban housewives etc. are not the market but car guys with a few bucks to buy a Corvette or 370Z might be. Offer a variety of engines and modifications pricing accordingly with the top end being the ulitmate sports car on earth. CRUSH ALL FOREIGN CARS!!!!
Aaron K 09/14/2012
Sounds like you need to have a closer look at the Mustang V-6.
Jake J 07/14/2012
I agree, Ford should build one to challenge the corvette and viper!!!
Nestor R 07/12/2012
Okay you're comparing a Ford GT to those slow and overrated Japanese sports cars, a supercar is in a completely different class, as in achieving maximum performance (not practicality) for a price an average man likely can't afford. But it sounds like a V6, or GT Mustang would fit your criteria perfectly.
Dale 07/10/2012
I agree completely. I've read about the BRZ and i even love the rx7, which mazda has replaced with the rx8. It would be awesome if Ford can come up with a vehicle that can compete against these. Not to mention Chevy's bringin out a new car called the SS. How about bringing back something like the Torino?
Paul S 07/10/2012
they di it eas called the ford capri, and ford escort. then ford bean counters ruined them by making them fwd.
Ken O 07/10/2012
Super cars aren't affordable or practical. I'd love to see the GT come back, or a production GR-1, however I think what you sir are shopping for is a mustang, practical daily driver with 444 hp for under $50k.
J.p. V 07/10/2012
If your look up the new shelby cobra that thing is a performer.