New Ford Ranger

Do not kill the ford ranger. It is time for it to be upgraded. I would like to see a Ford Ranger that sticks true to its roots, basically making it a small simple version of an f150. Many people like trucks, but either don't need or don't want a large truck like an f150, the ranger used to offer them a capable small truck that was exactly what most people who live in the city needed. It was great for trail riding, and was a simple of ford reliablity. I own a 1986 Ford Ranger, that my dad and I restored for my first car, I had to touch nothing on the engine or transmission for 120,000 miles, it was a rock solid truck.

My friend went to buy a small truck recently and the desission came down between the Tacoma and the Ranger. He went with the Tacoma because of two reasons, it is more powerfull and it is more fuel efficent.

The ranger needs to raise the bar to a new level, The new 3.7 v6 and transmission options offered by ford give a excellent power increase and 30% fuel increase in what ever they are put in it seems. I would like to see a similar line up engine wise, a 4 cylinder, 3.7 v6, both offered in either an auto or manual. It needs to be built on a full frame, and make it look like an f150, not like a european car. For market research i would recomend the memebers of sites such as the Ranger Station, Ranger Power Sports, and Ranger Forums, these are the guys who buy rangers and make them legends.

a powerhouse small truck to complement the F150 legend.