Please build a new Ford super car. Us Ford fans had bragging rights when the Ford GT came out and then it was short lived. A new GT car priced inline with a Corvette and Viper would be realy great.
DCAshmore 05/27/2010
The FORD GT could work as FORD's permanent sports car. But it needs to be a regular production car. About 10k units a year indefinitely.
John W 05/21/2010
The GT was real sweet, but I think that the price killed it. Various comparos tied it with the then current Corvette, which was half the cost. The good news for GT owners is that the rarity and the fact that so many have been totaled has kept the values of these well used cars at about the original purchase price.

How about with a twin turbo'd Coyote 5.0? I'd call it an Ecoboost, but I don't think that there would be anything "eco" about it. Maybe if they pump some power to the front wheels with a KERS system they could pretend that the car is green.