New era of Supercar

OK so we've seen the "green" movement and all manufacturers have there hybrids and/or electric or their tiny motor hatchbacks including the best ones coming from FoMoCo, however Ford has a performance and racing heritage that most others don't. I mean after all how did FoMoCo start, Henry Ford beat Winton in a race and the rest is history.
A new generation Ford GT type car I believe would sell and with the new 5.0L Aluminator XS making 500BHP waiting in the wings that would be a great foundation but, why stop there? We all know of the concept twin turbo Cobra Jet and I'm sure most of us have heard that in the new Coyote there are provisions in the cylinder head for direct injection. Reading the specs on the Aluminator XS it sounds capable of holding 1,200BHP now, I'm not suggesting a 1,200BHP car but with D.I. and the Ecoboost turbos 700-725BHP on pump gas is achievable. Last generation GT's are still selling for almost close to original sticker price even in this economy, you can't say that about any late model Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani etc.... I say it's time for Ford engineers to get their power on again!