New Cummings V8 diesel

Cummings is currently in the process of designing two new V6 and V8 diesel engines for Dodge trucks. A 4.2l V6 model is claimed to go into the Durango, while the 5.6l V8 engine is going into the ½ ton 1500 pickup trucks. Both engines are capable of achieving 25 mpg highway, based on early test results. This is the dawn of the diesel age and perfect timing to offer a diesel in the F-150 line. Fords 4.4l V8 Powerstroke currently built (in the same plant as the 6.7l) for Land Rover is just the ticket. Not only does it easily beat Cummings out for power and torque, it could easily match their fuel economy numbers. Ford’s Ecoboost was a step in the right direction, but go one-step further and open the door for an F-150 Diesel option. Granted the engine will cost more, but there are a good number of people that would rather opt for a diesel. With winning formulas and game changing innovations, Ford’s F series will forever be the number 1 selling vehicle.
joaquin r 01/27/2013
Dodge/Ram/Chrysler has had this rumor tied to them for years...still only the 6.7 ('redesigned' in 2007.5 and boosted by tune in 2011) is the only change. Ford should do diesel for economy when it makes sense. Right now, I am afraid of the the whole BETA vs VHS...yes diesel has been around for a long time but Americans usually equate (and really like it) in heavy duty use. It takes a lot to do what you are requesting and it comes with risk; especially given no one technology has won favor as of yet. However, maybe I'm wrong and you are the innovator...stranger things have happened :)
Brad G 10/16/2012
cummins should should spend less time designing a new engine and spend more time on improving the current light duty ISB possilbly a new head configurment dual overhead cam, two seperate high pressure fuel system with two injector per cylinder one for light load conditions and a higher pressure system for high load conditions, all piezio electric injectors for fast response, piolet injection and fine atomization, low compression high boost, two 3 bank exhaust manifold with two indipendent turbo chargers ....the fuel milege and instant power combined with a long peak torque curve to match a high reving engine this to me sounds expensive but a dependable engine is what america needs it is time for a change
John L 10/04/2012
When I think about Ford and diesels I quickly remember my old Mercury Topez with the diesel that delivered 55MPG. A bit of a slug but easy on the pocket book. Ford should offer a small diesel in the F150 for those people looking for the conveniences of a truck but not needing the big pull capabilities.
Pharmer 07/30/2012
I agree, what about the ecoboost or diesel in an expy el. Until then, I'll keep my 7.3 L Excursion.
Ralph G 07/26/2012
i think a diesel in the F-150 is the way to go. if it was offered i would buy the diesel over the ecoboost