New Crown Vic

By Mark W.

What we need is a new Police Vehicle from Ford. The old Taurus left a bad tast in lawenforcement. The new Crown Vic should be powered by the 5.0 in the Mustang or 5.4 or 6.0 v-8 with at least 450 hp, rear wheel drive or AWD as a V6 model offer the Ford Falcon twin turbo. I was a Police Officer for over 25 years. I have seen the Crown Vic run with no engine or trans oil, jump curbs, ditches. Take hits that other vehicles including trucks stop dead in it's track. The reverse back doors would be a good idea, plus bullit proof doors and firewall. I would take the Crown Vic over just about any other Police car on the road. The only short coming I ever had was the brakes. They needed to be upgraded to bigger slotted an drilled rotters and 4 or 6 piston front brakes and 2 piston rear sloted disc on rear. Limited slip rear, solid or independent axle, a little wider tire run flat high performance. A roll bar for a cage an plastic rear seats, special front seats made for holster. Special veh could be built for only one person up front with no passanger, and a upgraded suspenion as this could be a chase vehicle only. Remove all the extra weight thats not needed. Light bar built inside veh like the carbon motors vehicle with at least 200 watts sirene, yhis is a must at high speed. Please bring this vehicle back. I think you can make money off of it and be proude. I know the cops will love Ford again. A lot of my friends no longer like the Dodge an Chevs front wheel drive an V8 just dont hold up. Carbon motors might give you a run for your money if they ever get a car on the road. But no one I spoke to likes the Engine and doughts its performance. When gas is cheeper to buy again an yheir vehicle will not start in cold weather we will see how long they last. Best of luck ! Ford we need you really bad. Just ask thw working cops not their boses who sets behind desk all day.
Jason M 10/16/2013
Why do people think Law enforcement need high hp cars anyway? They need mpg. Most states don't even allow high speed pursuit anymore. So, power is almost pointless except for cool factor and my taxes should't be paying for the gov't to have cool factor.
SJ 03/15/2013
Its a great idea the Crown Vic has always been the ideal police car
As a retired new orleans police officer I like the idea , of high H-P engins in the police veh. I thought Ford were keeping the crown vic. for the police on special order. Fords always lasted longer than any other veh brand. The police veh. have come along way from the 67 mod. with small block V-8 & stanard shift trans.
Alec M 03/02/2013
Are they not deploying the new Taurus SHO's in your area? They do 0-60 in 5.1 s along with decent mileage.