New Capri/Escort

A new Capri coupe and Escort sedan with RWD would be a great idea that would give Ford two performance cars unlike anything else, other than maybe the Toyota FT-86 or BMW 1-Series coupe. A small RWD car with 4 seats for less than the 1-Series would be better than any hot hatch, more balanced and involving in the corners, yet still practical enough to use every day, something a Mazda MX-5 Miata isn't. You could even use the Mazda RX-8 chassis, if it isn't too expensive
Paul Spriggs 02/07/2012
please no fwd capri. i remember the last one built on a ford laser (mazda 323 s/w chassis) it was an insult to the capri name. the capri was a mid size rwd car. i know there was a concept that went nowhere but people need more options and ford is taking them away. and yes in aus the mustang retails for 100, 000 rhd. come on ford give us some more options.
Michael Masin 10/22/2011
In Australia the Falcon's our only choice, and it could be replaced by a FWD Taurus in 2016, that would leave the Mustang as the only RWD Ford left. There should be more choices for RWD Fords.
Douglas Arnold 10/16/2011
I agree -- more RWD cars with performance potential will give more options to us die-hard loyal Ford fans. Why should the Mustang be our only choice?