New Bronco

With the offroad market in the middle of a boom (raptor, fj, wrangler 4 door) i think it's about time ford brought back the extremely popular bronco. The raptor was a decent try, but the enthusiasts are already there, providing for a solid customer base, for a reproduction of the bronco. The concept has been around since 2004 and a huge chunk of the bronco community has been waiting to spend their hard earned money on a new piece of history.
John H. 05/08/2012
I think that Ford should make a retro Bronco similar in size to the FJ Cruiser, but available with 3 rows of seats. Give it a really cool old style dash like a Chrysler Crossfire concept car a few years ago, but with the new technology available as an option. Give it a powerful engine, hopefully the EcoBoost engine. Also have self leveling and turning lights for turning around corners, etc. If designed well, perhaps based upon the Explorer platform or the Volvo S60 platform (something Ford used to own), I believe that it would sell very well. What do the rest of you think?
Preston C 04/29/2012
Four brothers here. Three of us are ready to roll out with the 2012 Bronco concept and the other one will as soon as he sees ours! Our dad already has an F150 with a topper and that's not the way to go, no way. The concept based on a Raptor is basically an F150 with a nice off-road trim package and a topper, which is extremely similar to an Explorer and Expedition and those can stand on their own with an off-road package. Think differently. Think Mercedes G-wagon has a fling with an FJ Cruiser and then the Wrangler Unlimited 4-door steps in to clean up the situation. The FJ doesn't mimic or compete with other Toyota products such as Land Cruiser, 4Runner or Tacoma because it would be too similar. Ford knows the story. Wrangler doesn't compete with any other Jeep SUV's and likewise the Bronco would not take away from the Expedition, Explorer or Raptor, but rather enhance the brand by offering a totally new style and look to the Ford brand. The biggest drawback to using the F150/Raptor style for a new Bronco is simply that when looking at the Ford lineup, a new Bronco based on those other bodies would not stand out. (Again, think FJ compared to Toyota's lineup) Those of us on here don't want to support GM or Chrysler anymore and are waiting for them to come out guns-a-blazing with cool rides like a 2013 Bronco. Keep in mind where Land Rover has gone off the deep end and moved their entire lineup from off-road machines to city cruisers with way too many options no one needs such as a forward looking sonar to tell the water depth. Come on! I am going to cruise with it but the last things I want is unnecessary equipment and lots of plastic trim to break and fix. Make it last, make it solid and make it soon.
Andrew C 04/28/2012
I might pick it over a mustang! More versatility but still cool!
Adam S 04/25/2012
Braden C 04/21/2012
The concept is OK, but I'd rather see something based on the Raptor. If Ford builds another Bronco, they might as well do it right!
The concept is awsome,, dont know why they are taking so long to make this thing.
Jake B 04/19/2012
would love to see it, but if history is anything to go by, the Bronco, if brought back, would end up being nothing more than a minivan/suv crossover, based on a car chassis with very little off road/towing capability. Look how they killed the Explorer