new brand besides ford or lincoln

a new brand focused on the smaller side of the auto industry, and on the younger gen people. using existing platforms from the fiesta, ka, and transit.

a small car, based off the ka, very small inline3 ecoboost engine. base price at 10k. manual windows and locks. few luxuries but cheap. excellent for college students. option upgrade to an ecoboost4.

next up in size would be the fiesta based car. slightly bigger than ka but still cheap.

a small microtruck and suv based off the transit platform. comparabile to the scion xb in size. fresh design, extremely great on gas. able to fit a 4wheeler in the back but thats about it.

last a small performance car. to compete with the new line of small rwd cars that are hiting the market soon. a small rwd 2 door light weight car. ecoboost4 under the hood with a manual transmission. think of it as a cross between the fiesta and a 1990 mustang. call it the ford fox.

all vehicles in the brand would come with manual doors n windows, manual transmissions as a base model. engine options would include a diesel option as well. ford has this in other countries and we want them here.

and if you really wanted to please us, add the global ranger as the truck option.

Luis Lujan 02/10/2012
Yeah. The Scion concept makes sense. What would you call the brand?
james meredith 02/04/2012
yes very much like that, ford doesnt have a sporty youth driven division
Lukash Kowcz 02/01/2012
sort of like scion form toyota