need the 300 i-6 4.9L back

i love to see a straight 6 cycle in a f-150 truck the 4.9L was the best engine ford had out and stoped making them b/c they are a tank i know a guy got over 500,000 be for he sold it put it back in the f-150 with a 6 speed and a turbo on it to get better mpg i think it can get 30 mpg
Skeeve 04/05/2012
Rethink the 4.9l s-6 with a modern x-flow head, a decent rod-ratio, and all aluminum block&head to get the weight down [quickest way to boost mpg: lose wt!] Make it turbo- or super-charger friendly for the performance step btw a base 6 and the bucks-up V8 option and laugh at the weenie V-6s that can't come close to straight-6 torque numbers... A quick & easy engineering project, 6 months to market. Make the new head fit the ginormous installed base of the classic 4.9 cast iron motors and sell the extra parts to all the classic truck owners who aren't going to spend $$ on a new truck any way. What's not to love?
Robert Todd 04/25/2011
We used the 300 a lot in the airline busness. It was a very good engine but time marches on. Compaired to modern engines, it was a gas hog, large and heavy. But I do agree, it was tough